Wind On The Hill: A. A. Milne's poem in his book "Now We Are Six" set to music


A. A. Milne is one of my favorite authors. He wrote two poetry books, "When We Were Very Young", "Now We Are Six." Wind on the Hill is in "Now We Are Six".



Wind on the Hill

Words:A. A. Milne
Music:Tsutomu Yonejima

No one can tell me
Nobody knows
Where the wind comes from
Where the wind goes

It’s flying from somewhere
As fast as it can
I couldn’t keep up with it
Not if I ran

But if I stopped holding
The string of my kite
It would blo with the wind
For a day and a night

And then when I found it
Wherever it blew
I should know that the wind
Had been going there too

So then I could tell them
Where the wind goes. . .
But where the wind comes from
Nobody knows


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