Feel Close To Me: one of my favorite songs I ever wrote


I wrote this song in English. Thinking of the rhyme, selecting words, the song is gradually getting dull. But I like the melody very much.



Feel Close to Me


Words:Reita Siiyu
Music:Tsutomu Yonejima

When the sun has lost its brightest light
And the world is just a darkest night
Could I make a special wish come true
I'd like to be a star that shines on you

Stay close to me
Stay here with me

If the wind is blowing like a storm
I’d like to hold you sweet to keep you warm
If the rain begins to fall like spears
I’d like to be a shelter from the fears

Please, my love, say you’ll feel the same with me
Take my hands, so you feel just close to me

You’re afraid that there will come a day
Something’s going to break us far away
I’ve gotta do whatever I can do
I’ll fight it out as long as I’m with you

Please, my love,say you’ll feel the same with me
Take my hands so you feel just close to me



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